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Project Overview

The objectives of the Bangladesh Coastal Embankment Improvement Project Phase-1 are to (a) increase the protected area in selected polders from tidal flooding and frequent storm surges, which are expected to worsen due to climate change; (b) improve agricultural production by reducing saline water intrusion in selected polders; and (c) improve the Government of Bangladesh's capacity to respond promptly and efficiency to an eligible crisis or emergency. The project has five components:

  1. Rehabilitation and Improvement of polders to increase community resilience to tidal flooding and storm surges.
  2. Implementation of social and environmental management frameworks and Rehabilitation of persons affecter by the project, as well as environmental assesment of the polder system.
  3. Construction supervision, monitoring and evaluation of project and coastal zone monitoring, encompassing consulting services for (i) detailed design and Construction supervision; (ii) third party monitoring and evaluation of the project; and (iii) long term monitoring research and analysis of Bangladesh Coastal Zone.
  4. Project management, technical assistance, traing and strategic studies to support the Bangladesh Water Development Board in implementing the project.
  5. A contingent emergency response component (CERC) which allows for rapid reallocation of uncommitted project funds toward urgent needs in the event of a crisis or emergency.

At a Glance
  • Project Title
  • Ministry
  • Implementing Agency
  • Date of Commencement
  • Date of Completion
  • IDA Credit Amount
  • Program for Climate Resilience (PCR) Grant
  • Project Districts
  • Project polders
  • CEIP-1: Coastal Embankment Improvement Project Phase-1
  • Ministry of Water Resource (MoWR)
  • Bangladesh Water Developmemt Board (BWDB)
  • July 2013
  • June 2022
  • USD 375 million
  • USD 25 million
  • Khulna, Bagerhat, Patuakhali, Barguna, Pirojpur, Jhalkathi
  • 32, 33, 35/1, 35/3, 39/2C, 40/2, 41/1, 43/2C, 47/2, 48

Project Target

Project Development Objective Indicators

# Indicator Name Unit Target
To increase the area protected in selected polders from tidal flooding and frequent storm surges
1 Gross area protected Ha 66,012.00
2 Direct project beneficiaries from increased resilience to climate change (Number) No 724,202.00
To improve agricultural production by reducing saline water intrusion in selected polders
3 Increase cropping intensity Percentage 180.00
To improve the Government of Bangladesh's capacity to respond to an emergency
4 Contingent Emergency Appropriation Text Triggered if requested

Intermediate Results Indicator

# Indicator Name Unit Target
Rehabilitation and Improvement of Polders
1 Length of upgraded Embankment Km 408.00
2 Drainage Structures replaced No 88.00
3 Drainage Structures Repaired No 8.00
4 FLushing Inlets Replaced No 80.00
5 FLushing Inlets Repaired No 44.00
6 Length of Drainage Channels upgraded Km 305.00
7 Length of Riverbank Protection Km 9.37
8 Length of Slope Protection Km 28.00
Implementation of Social and Environmental Management Frameworks and Plans
9 Area Afforested Ha 600.00
10 Water Management Association (WMA) No 10.00
Construction Supervision, project Monitoring and Evaluation, and Coastal Zone Monitoring
11 Improved Coastal Monitoring (Text) Text 1. Modeling of the long-term physical processes and
other relevant phenomena (subsidence, climate change,
river morphology etc)(scale: macro, meso and micro).

2. An investment plan describe a phased polder
Improvement roadmap for Bangladesh Coast.
Project Management, technical assistance, training and strategic Studies
12 BWDB Person Days of training provided No 1200.00
13 Grlevance Redress Committee (GRC) No 36.00
10 Detailed design of future 7 polders (including EIA, RAP/LAP) No 7.00

Contact Us

On project matters:

Communication Officer, PMU, CEIP-1, Phone: +8802-222299373

On website issues:
Md Mahidur Rahman Khan
Deputy Team Leader,
Third Party M&E for Overall Project Implementation, Sheladia Associates, Inc. (USA),
Phone: 02-4881-0167 (Secretary Ms. Moly),

Office Address

Project Management Unit
Coastal Embankment Improvement Project, (CEIP-1)
72 Green Road (10th floor), Pani Bhaban
Panthapath, Dhaka- 1215
Phone: +8802-222299373

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